Reflection #5

Honestly, the book has been scaring the crap out of me recently. I used to love scary movies and things that made me get that queasy feeling in my stomach when I was little, but over this past year I’ve become so squeamish and easily scared. It doesn’t help that I read those chapters at night, in my dark living room, alone, with my cat doing that weird thing where she’ll suddenly jump up from her seat and run out of the room… Sophie and Alberto realizing that their reality isn’t what they’ve thought it was makes me question everything. Like do the master and Hilde know that they’re in a book too? Am I in a book? Are there certain aspects of my existence that I’m not perceiving? When I walked into my second hour, I was reminded of the concept of perception, having walked into the classroom about 15 seconds after the bell had rung. I really didn’t want a  tardy, and as luck had it, my teacher wasn’t in the room yet. This made me think of the philosophical question, “If a tree falls in the forest and nobody’s around to see it, does it made a sound?” Except my version was “If Zaria walks in late to cass but Mr. Udhe isn’t there to see it, is she really late?” Because in his eyes, I was there, sitting in my seat when he walked into class. But from my classmates’ point of view, I was late.


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